AIDS Touches Our Lives

The first time I heard about this deadly disease was in 1984. There was a news report published on the front page of  The Washington Post. It mentioned AIDS was unique in that a patients immune system would stop protecting itself. It was a degenerative illness and mostly affected very poor peoples of Africa and some folks with alternate lifestyles. Mostly it was attacking men, and research was about to begin to find a cure. I recall thinking to myself that this was a terrible thing and hoped a cure was going to present itself quickly.

Twenty-five years later and 25,000,000 people laid to rest from AIDS is astonishing and saddening. Too many children, 15,000,000 have been orphaned around the world and the race for the cure is still ongoing.

AIDS touches most people’s lives today. We all have lost loved ones or friends to this determined disease or know of someone who has it or the HIV virus. It is no longer a poor persons or homosexual disease. Men, women and children have been infected and also waste away to die a lonely and sad but tragic death. Tragic because there are medicines which could help those with the virus, to keep it in check.

Here are a few places to find facts and answers or to donate money to fund people who really need our help.

Bloggers Unite

Media Planet


Rap It Up

I just read that fc2 female condom … Her method to help prevent HIV/AIDS is now available at CVS District of Columbia stores, and will soon be available in neighborhood stores.

Unprotected sex, dirty needles, blood transfusions or contaminations from blood, are the most common reasons for the spread of this disease. Get checked, be safe, and donate to help those who sorely need our help.


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