Thankful and Full

This past week has been a blur of activity and stress. We haven’t had much sleep during this time and until last night, we averaged perhaps four hours. Sleep is not overrated. It is what encourages your body to function properly and allows you to have endurance and strength.

We rented the last of seven trucks to clear out the remaining of our belongings, from our home of twenty years. From last November, when I began going through my desk area, to January when I began sorting and packing and donating. We relocated to a condo, last January, going from 4800 SQ FT to 1500 SQ FT. Huge difference. To free ourselves from the accumulation of those last two decades was very hard, saddening, frustrating and tiring.

We have been exhausted keeping up two house holds. My guy was traveling an extra 25 to 35 miles per day just to stop by the property, make certain the different realtors showing the property had left the lights on, locked the doors and windows, put the alarm on and that the property was not displaying vacant appearance. There have been many instances  where homes for sale have been vandalized or broken into. Thankfully ours was protected.

We went to settlement Wednesday and the new owner is a lovely woman who is very excited to own her new home. She and her new husband seem very nice and we feel as if our old home will have a new mommy and daddy. I hope there will be many children and pets to play inside and in the huge backyard. We released this house into good hands and now, we move on.

We were responsible stewards, taking care of the utilities and lawn care and security monitoring. We scrubbed and wiped and cleaned, then lifted and packed and hoisted and moved, until we didn’t know if we were coming or going. We are thankful. Yes we are!

Yesterday we had my middle sister and her husband over for the family meal. I prepared everything. I only consumed one-half of the food on my plate then I  saved the remainder. I packaged up to-go food and gave away my whole pumpkin pie. I was very tired. Too tired to cut it in half. I totally did not take any photographs, even though my digital camera was five to ten feet away from me. I shrug my shoulders because I am too thankful and full to chastise myself. So what. Tomorrow’s another day.



3 thoughts on “Thankful and Full

  1. Congratulations! In this housing market, I think it is such great news that you were able to sell your house and now you can move on. I know it is a constant worry and source of uncertainty to have a house on the market.

  2. You wrote “To free ourselves from the accumulation of those last two decades was very hard, saddening, frustrating and tiring.”

    I think that people underestimate the utter disruptiveness of moving house. During the selling stage, you are constantly packing, cleaning, showing the house, recleaning.. nothing is private any longer. Even after the contracts have been exchanged, you cannot find your most basic requirements like clothes, cooking utensils and medicine bottles. Even saying goodbye to the neighbours takes its emotional toll.

    Strong and Rahe probably got it right in their anxiety scales, ages and ages ago. They said of all the anxiety-provoking events that happen to people, death of a loved one is the worst, divorce is second most disruptive and moving home is third most disruptive. Or perhaps birth of a new baby… I have forgotten the exact order 🙂

    No wonder you are tired! I hope the move all goes well.

  3. Thanks for your words because they summarize what we have been going through over the past year. I feel like a balloon which has deflated. We have had a heavy burden lifted from our lives and it is taking a few weeks for it to really sink in. 😀

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