Sure You Can Help!

Sure you can help!

Visit Half Hour Meals and read Food For Thought Blog to see what I am doing to ward off hunger right in my community.

I shall take a snapshot after I bag it up, as I am delivering it to my church rectory tomorrow. The secretary will have the perfect family stop by for a surprise. I feel as if it is Thanksgiving already! Thank you Father for allowing me to serve others. I am grateful for everything.

I decided to put the food into two doubled bags to make it easier to carry. We dropped them off right before attending Mass.

I was told there are over 1,000 families in out parish who are requesting assistance. The times are here to usher in a whole new way to be of service to people who live close by. How worried they must all feel. Prayers and little deeds can always help.

Even if you do not have cash to assist someone, think about doing charitable acts. Opening doors. Offering to help an elderly person to shop for them, cut out coupons for families. clean, cook, dust or vacuum once a month. Little things to help. Write a letter for someone who cannot see very well anymore. Read or sing to people in nursing homes. Visit an orphanage. The list is endless … so choosing one or a few to do will be such a blessing. Thanks for considering this matter!

** After service people were a the back of the church choosing names from a tree. They are for presents and I chose one for a Sister at a convent on my state. I am already planning surprises for her. Her wish list: blank cards and forever postage stamps. She is 93 years old and I am going to make her package be filled with more than these items. I no longer have my parents nor my husband’s parents. I will treat her like she is family. The holidays are definitely looking up!


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