Remembering Our Veterans

Veterans Day 2009Who will stand with me? Who will stand and honor our Veterans? They give it all. They sacrifice everything to serve our country and by putting us first. Where would we otherwise find such people? Courage is an incredible gift and our service men and women are brave to place themselves in front of any enemy, to stand in-between them and us. Us … We The American People.

These men and women step up to the plate, take what’s dished out. Do what their superior officers order them to do, and accept whatever comes their way. They have determination, true grit and a deep love of their country. Which means they love us.

In my family there are nine veterans, with one still active duty and getting ready to retire after 24 years service, and many tours under fire. Even his younger brother had multiple combat tours. His own son joined and served in a combat zone. We do not believe in war, but the men on both sides of my family believe in our country and what it stands for. They have received medals of bravery and we are proud of their service in the military.

Two members of my family were wounded during two different wars. And even if the others were not physically hurt, they all carry with them the anguish of war, from both sides. The mental images of terrible events get unwittingly replayed in their minds, even after decades, to torture and hinder their everyday lives. There is counseling but it is likened to a band-aid cure. The scars in the minds of my loved ones and all of the other men and women, and the innocent victims, are deep … they continue to maim.

Together, we must stop playing so much and take the time out of our days to reach out and lend a hand or volunteer. Please visit the link at the top of this post and read, watch videos and determine if you can spare something of yourself in giving back to our men and women who place everything they hold dear, on the line … for you and for me. Do some unselfish giving. That equates to giving without expecting anything in return. Do you have it in you to step up to this plate?

To all the families on both sides of war, I keep you in my prayers. I pray for an end to all war, all ugliness, all hate, all jealousy and greed. Haven’t we had enough?


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