Just Kick Him Out!

2235958084_567237da11_mAt my house, sometimes it just comes down to kicking and shoving. Now don’t read this the wrong way, I just mean that after prodding and cajoling my taller half, I must resort to tough action when it comes to getting him out the door to go to work. Yes, I admit I have to shove him into the foyer and kick him out the door. All this after telling him to have a nice day, giving generous hugs and meaningful kisses. I literally have to get him to leave. I kick him out.

It isn’t that he does not want to go but he gets involved in other matters. His studio, the newscasters on the television, who I have heard him disagree with out loud. Does anyone else’s husband talk to the TV as if these people can hear them giving their opinions? I must admit that I do this once in a while myself. But he does it in the car too, with radio show hosts. He’s the politically minded one and I only become involved when the mood strikes.

Today I sent him off to the office with an array of baked goodies to share with his co-workers. There is another cake waiting for him when he gets there. These people want to eat the cake and the longer he took to get ready, meant they had to wait longer to enjoy some sweets. Everyone will be high on sugar for days.

Oh, that’s right … he told me we weren’t going to eat sugar or white flour anymore. I am a baker for crying out loud. Of course I am going to continue using these vital ingredients. He will just have to forego eating the goodies I have already planned to make. It’s so convenient for him to expound on the virtues of not eating this or that, after the fact. After he has already had his lion’s share of a particular food group. I figured out a long time ago that since no one supposedly makes it out of here (planet Earth/life) alive, then I am going to eat whatever I damn well please.

Today, I have interviews to type, research to do … the subject is a sweet one, chocolate & candy making, plus I am working on my Thanksgiving Menu. This year is going to be traditional with a huge twist. Thank goodness. I think it is going to reflect a lot of Italian, with seafood appetizers and side dishes, along with a little French dessert on the side. No pumpkin pies after the big bird this year. No chocolate cream pie. No Floating Island  … gosh … (Melody is now on the west coast … I love that dessert). Loud sighs.

This year is the first time in fifteen years that I am hosting dinner in our home. We do not have two dinners to eat, nor do we have to travel. We won’t be bringing two dishes, or helping in someone else’s kitchen. I would be the one helping in the kitchen. He would be the one helping to watch the football game. It will be the same except that I will prepare the whole shebang.

Back to my, kicking him out, topic. He is a man that likes to take not only his time, but mine as well, getting out the door. Knowing full well that his friends were waiting to surprise him, there was nothing for it but to get into the spirit of things. He’ll have such a good time, plus they will get more than just one dessert. Cool! A big thank you to all of the gang at the fort.


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