Toll House Cookies Four Ways

Tonight I thought to myself, “Why make one cookie when I can make four different cookies?” I pulled out many ingredients and my kitchen soon took on the sounds of the mixer turning, measuring spoons and cups getting into the game and eggs being cracked.  My kitties watched me from the dining room, hopeful I was sharing more boneless chicken breast. Since I had already fed them, I decided to give them a treat bag filled with dry num – num’s. That’s the sound they make when chewing these treats up. I’m saving their chicken until tomorrow.

I divided the cookie dough into thirds. 1) Dark chocolate chips; one batch with, and one batch without chopped pecans. 2) One batch with chopped pistachios and white chocolate chips. 3) The last batch with chopped slivered almonds, chopped dried apricots and dried cherries plus white chocolate chips. We are the cookie tasters and a cold glass of milk is a wonderful accompaniment to the chewy crunch. I kiss my fingers and gracefully let my arm arc into the air. Bellissimo!

* Recipe on back of Nestle’s Toll House Dark Chocolate chips. I was taught to bake these cookies by Mrs. White, when I was fifteen, and Centreville was little more than a drive-through city with a general store, gas station Dairy Queen and one traffic light. We were promised Metro would soon be providing access to downtown, DC. There is not a Metro Subway Station there yet.


2 thoughts on “Toll House Cookies Four Ways

  1. Yummy! When my Mommeh was young, she had a cookie cookbook that she treasured and every weekend she would make a different kind of cookie. She does not cook any more though. Except in the microwave. Hey! Maybe that’s why she is feeding us the raw medallions…

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