Tonight’s Dinner

Tonight’s Dinner, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Tonight I served myself fried chicken, lemon pepper mashed potatoes with sour cream, romaine salad with tomato, fresh orange slices and grapes. It was chased with ice cold milk and no, I did not eat it all, only perhaps 2/3. I throw kisses into the air because it was colorful, plentiful and satisfying. Twenty-two minutes.

I baked the remainder of the chicken. Poultry is much less expensive to purchase whole rather than choice portions. An entire chicken can serve four to six persons, depending upon their size and appetites.



3 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner

  1. We wish you were here. I loved the Halloween photo of you and your friends. You are a golden star.

    This food tasted incredible. I have been trying to eat on when I am hungry. Now … for getting back on the Gazelle for some indoor exercise. I am ready for it!

    Now … to get you to add some of your fabulous recipes over at Half Hour Meals. You are such a wonderful master in the kitchen. It all comes down to taste and you definitely understand how that works.

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