Pistachio Chicken Pasta

Pistachio Chicken Pasta 1, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

This is a dish that took me fifteen minutes, tops to prepare and it was so delicious.

1) Boil salted water to cook Angel Hair Pasta for 4-6 minutes, according to package.
2) Take one fresh chicken breast, rinse, pat dry and slice medallions; about 2″ rounds.
3) Saute chicken in golden butter, perhaps 3 tablespoons, which has been melted in the skillet. Do not overcook.
4) Shell fresh pistachios, place 1/4 cup in sandwich bag and using a wooden mallet, break into small pieces.
5) Assemble together, scrape the bottom of skillet with a fork and add to the pasta for flavor and texture. Salt to taste and then toss about with tongs or serving spoons. Enjoy.


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