Fighting Off The Blahs!

PansiesFor the past few days I have been feeling down, tired and my asthma seems to have been triggered by the changing air, pollen and rain. The air hasn’t been as crisp as it was about ten days ago and this time of year, the seasonal allergies seem to vamp up. You will not find me far from my inhalers, in fact, they are what I would call, at hand.

Having asthma is a pesky thing and while more and more humans are being diagnosed as having this condition, many of us are set-off by scents, perfumes, cleaning supplies, fertilizers, smog, exhaust and smoke … such as cigarette smoke. As an X-Smoker, I cannot understand why I ever wanted to inhale, but back then it was the thing to do.

Best parting shot. If you smoke, stop. If you never did, don’t start.


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One response to “Fighting Off The Blahs!

  • ladygourmet

    Dear Theresa,
    I have made the cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries and it is delicious. In place of the pineapple, Theresa, I would suggest using canned peaches.
    Hope you enjoy this recipe!

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