Run Away Train

Like watching a train wreck in slow motion, lately I have been feeling as if particular conversations I have witnessed aren’t really started in order to bring about calamity. I have even stuck out my neck to make honorable mention that these matters be reeled in, with the hopes that a gag order be wondrously granted, or that the vocalization of said contributors be silenced. At least in the social arena.

Why are there some participants who interject unappealing subjects in the commonplace, for all to see? Why do they get to steer the train in a downhill motion, allowing it to gather speed until the inevitable occurs? A vulgar crashed site where no one wants to go. Believe me there is nothing classy involved in what as of late, must be endured.

The 5% that like and even encourage the pushing of the envelope cry “Freedom of Speech,” and be damned to any genteel persons who are having this bad behavior shoved down their throats. It seems as if the uglier the words the move vivid the picture the reader is forced to see.

Unfortunately, there is no bigger turn off than to be subjected to vile and gutter type language, that everyone knows very well, but hopes that there is a place where they can be protected from these low forms of interactions.

It’s a real sad day when I feel the need to get things off my chest, in order to try and stomach a familiar and popular place I care about be sullied and spoiled.


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