All Types Of Books

This is a puff pastry book and there are no words to write within its layers. But once it has been rolled and folded and cooled in order to rest, a few times, it is filled with delicious ingredients, either savory or sweet to be flaky layers of bitable goodness. You must take time to get this to the point of baking but it is well worth the wait.

Laminated Dough

Laminated Dough Characteristics

Puff Pastry Book

Laminated means layers of dough and butter.  They require your attention in timing, control and visual.

Compare side by side different doughs.

Type                    liquid   de trempe   beurrage                 handling

1) Classic Puff   water   1 lb flour     12 to 16 oz butter    6 single turns = 1,459 layers

2) Quick Puff      water   1 lb flour     12 to 16 oz butter    6 single or 2 double turns

3) Croissant milk/yeast 1 lb flour     10 oz butter              3 single turns

4) Danish     milk/yeast 1 lb flour        8 oz butter              2 single turns

5) Brioche         { Brioche 5oz butter} 8 oz butter              3 single turns

When making turns, dough to dough counts as one layer.  Don’t overwork the dough.  Let it rest in order to let the butter layers re-harden before turning.  Keep open layers turned toward your right hand.  Walk the dough out with your rolling pin.  Roll in the direction middle out and edges in toward the middle.  Turn and lift the dough and brush off excess with a bench brush.  Make single or double turns, mark the number of turns with fingertips in dough and wrap in plastic wrap.  About 20 to 60 minutes in fridge before working dough once more.  Do not let the butter get too hard.  Before freezing be sure at least 1/2 of the turns are completed.  If you do not want puff dough to rise, for example, dock it with a fork.  Whenever you have scraps left over you can roll the rognure and cut strips for twists.


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