October Bliss

October TreeI always look forward to the month of October. It signifies crisp autumn air, the explosions of colors, birds beginning their long journey south and a feeling of expectancy. Expectancy for the coming celebrations, costumes, department store sales, dinners, family gatherings, and soaking up the creative bounty all about me. It is a time of rejuvenation.

Whenever I get the chance to write the name October, I caress the circular O and combine the remaining letters to spell the whole name. It brings to mind my wedding anniversary … which evokes all of those wedding dress memories, the friends, family, the beautiful church where we exchanged vows and the awesome reception afterward. Even though I have never lived within the city parameters of Washington, DC. I have worked in this city many, many times. Driven through it, met my husband at his studio and shared great times with family and close friends, particularly musician friends.

Nowadays there are few nightclubs that offer live music and October always reminds me of the very first performance I did, back in the day with my first musical group. We did a string of gigs at local colleges and even one with a rock star who had a snake. I remember having to leave straight away because back then I was too squeamish about those creatures. But getting back to this lovely month, it reminds me of ghosts and goblins, trick-or-treaters and buying tons of candies for the neighborhood children. This year I am going to buy candy and ask my old neighbor to pass it out to the children. We moved since last Halloween and the kids won’t understand that their candy dispenser isn’t there any longer. We always gave generously and loved seeing them in their costumes.

October is the month before November, which offers herself up to tradition and Indian (Native American) Summers. October is the month many of my friends have birthdays and I look for the clouds which change so winsomely from one minute to the next. October is almost my favorite month out of the year. It is the one with the most color, cleanest air and the ability to make me recall so many moments I have spent within its thirty-one days. When I write the name October, I get a thrill and it is that which makes me smile.


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