“Soups On!”

DSCN3344DSCN3345DSCN3346That was last night and I had never made Orzo before. I used one of AnniePooh’s recipes over at Half Hour Meals. This is what I did with the orzo leftovers.  DSCN3371DSCN3373Clyde The Pumpkin is still hiding out.  DSCN3374Salmon even after taken out of the hot skillet is still cooking. By the time I sat down to slowly savor my meal, the salmon had gone from rare to medium rare, which to me is perfect.


One thought on ““Soups On!”

  1. Oh, no fair. I’m starving since it’s late and trying not to break down and get yet another snack, and you show me food?


    Came to say hello and now you know I’m going to get popcorn or something. *Sigh* this is why I should go to bed before this happens.

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