Gimme Some Sugar


You might never think that sugar would need an expiration date on the package, but I assure you, it can and does lose its potency. When it is time to bake anything, make certain your ingredients are the freshest. From eggs (that’s a whole other story) to the extracts, to the baking powder or soda, to the flours or corn syrups, it makes a huge difference in how your recipe will turn out. Initially these items when purchased at the same time are a bit costly, however having said this, in the long run, you will not be wondering how old any ingredient is if you know precisely when you purchased them.

I should like to extend a warm invitation to my readers to follow me over to BlogCatalog’s newest site. It is for all food lovers and it is making a big hit. Be a part of an online recipe site that doesn’t leave you scanning its pages. We have live cooks and chefs who will actually converse with you. Just as BC has become so well respected and a great place for bloggers to join, they are branching out to provide us with another fabulous place to share. Half Hour Meals is a fresh community of home and professional cooks that share their own flair for food and get noticed in a big way.


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