Fruits Without Flavor

DSCN3280Aren’t these pretty? That is what i thought too. When I tasted each of them, there was only disappointment inside my mouth up going up to my brain. Only 10% flavor and what’s that about? Why doesn’t our fruit have great flavor anymore? Do you know?


2 thoughts on “Fruits Without Flavor

  1. I do. Sort of. Years ago at work in an old family orchard, I learned that I did not hate Red Delicious apples, as I’d ALWAYS thought. I was presented with a small, unimpressive looking Red Delicious, of an old variety. Cajoled into biting, I went into shock at it’s crisp succulence.
    We have hybridized our fruits to death [of flavor], aiming for size, color, shelf life [or long term cold storage life] and ability to withstand shipping. Commercially raised fruit is also picked early. Sugar develops in fruit in the sun, on the tree or vine. Hence, our fruit tastes like ::bleh:: mostly. It can never form that sugar off the tree, in the windowsill, etc.
    I was enticed to reading here by the lovely brioche and sugar pictures. I’m hungry, so hungry now! Thanks for sharing. -Pearl
    ::scurries off for something sweet::

  2. I know what you mean, Theresa. I plunked down $7.99 for peaches from Costco and they were awful…dry, not a drop of juice! There’s nothing more disappointing than biting into a piece of fruit and getting a mouthful of dry, tasteless mush. Ugh.

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