My First Interview At HHM

Make Ahead MealsToday I woke up and almost fell off the sofa.  I realized that my little nap had turned into a long night rest.  So be it. After making strong coffee and feeding the kitties, all without waking my slumbering husband, I reached into my bag and pulled out Jane’s new cookbook. It has such a beautiful cover and the recipes inside are the kind that invite you to pick a few and prepare them.  I have plenty of cookbooks, perhaps twenty, but this one really appealed to the schoolgirl and young adult still living inside my head.

The print is large so I do not have to wear my reading glasses.  This is a boon for in the kitchen my glasses tend to get in the way as I try walking about and everything is enlarged.  So this factor is a plus.  Then the names of her recipes are charming and so much fun.  I will provide you with the link to her site so you, too, may see for yourself.  But I digress.

I was to have taken a bit of a nap last night around 11:45PM, as I wanted to have my interview with Jane up first thing … like 12:01AM.  Things happen for a reason and had it gone as planned, I wouldn’t have had this exciting morning played out for me.  It would have been same-old, same-old, me quietly stumbling out of bed and trying to find the on-switch for my coffeepot.  Instead, it has been a hurry up and wake up, you’re going to have to think very quickly and no, you do not get to take two hours to engage your brain.  I do tend to wake slowly and mosey into the new day.

My new friend Jane, who I met my very first day at Half Hour Meals, is so charming and also a second grade teacher, is my first featured member.  I have a link included so you may read it … which proves that this new BlogCatalog site is different from the other ones out there.  Here you get interaction and not just recipes from the stars, who never answer your questions.  Here is a spot we bloggers and non-bloggers can meet and have table talks, which happen to be my favorite.  Here you can, just like Jane, be a star of the day.  Here you can be recognized as an individual and be introduced to many readers.  At Half Hour Meals …  you get readers exposed to the topics you write about, the foods you enjoy the most.

Jane so graciously shared her busy time with me so I could get to know her, then she generously mailed me my very own copy of her cookbook.  I will make some of her recipes and follow her sound advice on how to prepare ahead and the best way to freeze portions for future use.  Great ideas and talent all wrapped up in a pretty package.  A big high five for Jane’s newest creation, “Make-Ahead Meals For Busy Moms!”


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