Party Plans & Liquor License

Just fixing up the place and getting everything in order for the upcoming cocktail party we are planning over at BlogCatalog’s newest community site, Half Hour Meals.  This includes drinks also and there are some cool cocktail experts who have signed up already and are sharing their cool drink recipes. It looks like we are going to have a good turnout.

In the meantime, I’m off to fill out the proper papers to obtain Half Hour Meals’ liquor license.  We have many party people at BlogCatalog but we are not allowed to drink over there.  Plus, we will serve appetizers and have lots of time to meet up with all the members.  Signup is free and the food is awesome.  There are beginner cooks all the way up to professional chefs who are submitting their recipes and who also offer tips of the trade.  In our round-the-table conversations, we’ll be discussing all of the upcoming events we have planned and we want to include everyone!   1337986_height370_width560

This is a golden opportunity to be a part of a place where everyone feels comfortable.  We don’t get into politics or any heated debates … BlogCatalog has these topics covered.  At Half Hour Meals, BlogCatalog Administration offers you a place to come where you can immediately take part in the festivities and long interesting chats.  Who knows?  Maybe Tony and Angie will get Daniel and Oscar to create a fireplace.  Ooh, this sounds really cozy.

Take it from me, I used to throw some excellent parties and everyone always talked about the good times we had long after the main event. Plus Annie, Penny and Trish will join me to make certain everything is in place for a good time to be had by all.  Keep checking and as soon as the invitations are printed you’ll be receiving yours.



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