Look It Here, Mama!

Cookware Belgique 1 Cookware Belgique 2I saved up my money and waited for Macy’s to have another sale, used the extra 15% off coupon and am excited to replace my original pots and pans, with Belgique Cookware. My old set is still in very good shape.  A few handles could be replaced because the black color is a bit cloudy, but what a dependable set of cookware they have been.  I will pass them along as they can give another ten years of family meals to someone who might want them.

In the interim, you must know I want to look at the new set for a few more days.  I have learned by reading the instructions, to not place them into the dishwasher, only use a nylon scouring pad, use only medium heat and to wash by hand, then dry them with a clean dish towel.  This will protect their shine.  I take the pledge to handle them with care and to cook with love.  Plastic and wooden utensils only.

While I am thinking about it.  Do you ever use wooden cutting boards or spoons or salad bowls?  Here’s Food For Thought: After cleansing wooden items, they take three whole days to dry completely.  We learned this fact in Food Safety Class.  This also acts as a reminder that my Food Safety Certificate will require me to attend a two day refresher course, and to take the test so I may have my certificate up-to-date.  These are usually good for a five year period.  If you have any food safety questions, please leave me a shout at: Theresa@HalfHourMeals.com

Be sure to visit this new site for home cooks, beginner cooks and professional chefs. Welcome to one and all.


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