Colorful Choices & Odd Habits

DSCN3133There is this thing I do. You know that feeling you get when you are looking forward to a particular event? That delight of anticipation and the small thrill of knowing a good thing is on its way? You see the art treasures in the photo? Well … I got them over two years ago and have been saving them until I decided that it was time to allow myself the joy of creating with them.  Two years is a long time and since I had achieved a certain task I had given myself, this was my reward.

At Christmas I received a long wished for toaster oven. It was one of those items I could have bought myself but I never got around to it.  To my surprise, not really, for I had told my Brother and his wife what I wanted, I unwrapped my cool brand new toaster oven.  Yay!  Christmas Toaster Oven

Since we were relocating across state, I decided to keep it in the box until we got to the new place. After unpacking it I thought, “Gee, I don’t want to get it dirty, so I’ll wait a few more weeks.” It looked so clean, so new. I wanted to deny myself, and know it was there whenever I chose to use it for the very first time. First times are relevant to my way of thinking. You cannot repeat any first time. Once it has been experienced it cannot be duplicated.

Last May I decided to broil some wings in my new little oven. I turned it on and watched as the coil lit up … hey, it didn’t, it. I felt the outside and it was cold. I opened the door but there was no warmth. I read the manual, I tried everything I could think of. I took my food out, turned on the big boring electric range’s oven and with disappointment all over my face, I cooked my wings in the very oven I had hoped to keep from turning on. It was so hot outside that day and there I was heating up the kitchen. In turn the condo becomes too hot. That was prior to the AC getting repaired. My brand new toaster oven was a flub! I didn’t enjoy my food as much as I would have done had they been broiled in the Christmas present that I had made myself wait to use.

Good story as it turned out. I got a new replacement all shiny, plus I have already used it. No waiting this time either.  With sincerity I hope I tear open my next gift right away and not play games with myself. This is a good decision. By the way, it is way cool to do art work with these new supplies.


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