Tiny Birthday Gift Mystery

Dooney & Bourke 2 I received a Macy’s gift card for my birthday last month and finally went to the store to choose a handbag. Although I believe this is considered a tote.  I needed a larger bag to fit my stuff into. After years of carrying around a very small purse, I decided to go back to being able to reach in and out without jamming my hand into something that did not wish to be dislodged. In the past I used to carry a large handbag making the mistake of filling it with the kitchen sink.  Then it was too heavy.

When I saw this yesterday I immediately knew this is the one. I have always liked suede and the cowboy boot brown color I have always been drawn to. These are three of my favorite colors. Now is the time to get to the mystery. Many women carry handbags worth a small ransom and I have never been much into label names of fashion designers. It was due to not having the mega budget to support extravagant things. But no matter, the thing is there is not one but two designer names on the bag. Just who are Dooney & Bourke?


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