Are You A Secret Foodie?

Favorite ThingsSharing … I reached my quota as of  Sunday when  I invested dearly for three new cookbooks.  I have to be very choosy because I only allow myself this indulgence once per year.  Before we moved I sorted through a great many of my books and belongings.  To my delight I was able to part with about ten beautiful books I had used over the years. I had taken good care of them. They were carefully packed away and the box was marked fragile.  I gladly donated them to anyone who was wishing for something nice.  It is a good thing to share because everyone benefits and these worthwhile treasures can be used and in another decade, they can be passed down to another cook.

The majority of cooks are ones who put the food on the table at home.  Watching the FoodTV channel is fun to do because culinary possibilities are endless, plus it satisfies many who are secret foodies but will never admit it.  The next time you want to buy a cookbook do what I intend to do.  Seek out budding bloggers who pour their heart and recipes into their publications.  You will be able to find many of them over at BlogCatalog’s newest site, Half Hour Meals.

Pass the word because school has started, autumn is coming, holidays are on the way and together this season will be so much fun.  So very entertaining.  Join for free, post your favorite half hour recipes or choose someone’s and then review it. Join us in the community chat room for food discussions, ideas, and soon we will have contests, give-a-ways and much more.  It is another place that BlogCatalog Administration has made special for the members.  How cool is that?


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