Sketching My Favorite Vocalist

Barbara Streisand Theresa's sketch.This celebrity is so lovely.  Not only have millions enjoyed her stupendous vocals for decades, but her elegance, charm, warmth and genuine smile entreats us to gaze at her rare beauty.  She is unconventional in her looks because they are simply exotic.  She possesses one of the most beautifully shaped mouths I have ever seen.  From her lips comes heartfelt music and she can hold notes for a very long time.  Her acting, writing, directing and producing talents have also been shared with the world.  She has stayed true to herself and continues to provide us all with gentility, originality and her glorious personality.  She is Barbra Streisand.

Today as I read her interview in Sunday’s Parade Magazine, I kept returning to the photograph on the front.  Why not sketch her, I thought to myself. So I did.  I am going to paint her because she has such an inner glow written over her features that it will be a exceptional art exercise to bring it to my paper.  When I have completed it I will post it so you may see.


I have added some color and am still working toward the finish line.

DSCN3146Still Working.

Barbra update … Still painting!  Long shot from the left and turning the camera straight on, from the right.  Perspective does change.  Lighting also enhances all art work.  A work in progress.  I think I need to make her big hair a little less big.

See the slide show of this artwork HERE.

Barbra I Barbra 2


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