Good Food For Eating

DSCN3044DSCN3051DSCN3054DSCN3060DSCN3061DSCN3062DSCN3067If you click on the photo and then click on it again, it will be huge!

Fresh vegetables are so rewarding to eat.  They are easy to prepare and after you have cleaned, peeled and sliced them, just pat them dry before adding seasonings and extra virgin olive oil.  400º hot oven for 47 minutes and do not over crowd pans.  Stir one time during the cook time and after you have served them add a little salt on top.  This amount is enough for me and my husband for four separate meals.  The next day, take a little out, heat in microwave and scramble eggs.  Add the warmed vegetables to the eggs when they are cooked half way through.  Add cheeses and you have just made an exciting breakfast.


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