Theresa’s Watercolor Landscape

DSCN3032Even though this is a practice project, I have agreed with myself that it is a completed work of art.  I have decided to make it a gift to my sister, Mary to show my appreciation for her loveliness.

DSCN3034I hope she likes it.


3 thoughts on “Theresa’s Watercolor Landscape

  1. Whoo-hoo!! I finally worked out how to log in on your site. I never knew how to do it before and every time I tried I got an error messages. Not sure what I did differently but It worked this time.

    I LOVE these water colors they are so MAGICAL. The are almost opposites in some ways. The first is more inward (like a soul journey) and even the path made me feel like it was a journey taken. And the second one is soooooo uplifting like how one would feel once they had ‘arrived’. It is a powerful piece. They compliment each other very well.

    I am sending you a HUGE hug and grinning my face off because I actually worked out how to log into your site. LOL!!! Happy dance going on here. :))) Hugs, Robin

  2. How do I tell you two that the photographs are of the same painting. The second photo is just of the middle section of the painting. Glad you like it. And Robin … I am happy you figured it out, too. Hugs.

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