My Exercise Coach

Bobby Loves Obama!, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Bobby was keen to observe me on the sofa watching television and after eliciting no response from me when he ventured past where I was, he flew up the spiral staircase, stopped halfway and sent me a message of mournful merollows. That caught my attention. He looked at me pointedly and then continued up the stairs, stopped, looked over his shoulder and made eye contact. Clever lad.

He repeated this until I gave up and followed him albeit grudgingly, up the stairs. He was sitting on the floor next to the exercise machine. If he could have put on tiny tennis shoes I bet he would have, instead he rubbed his head across the tops of my shoes and then walked over to jump up on my desk. When I walked over toward the computer, he jumped into the chair and sprawled in a lazy way, yawned and kinda smiled at me.

The end result is that I donned my socks and shoes and walked on the Gazelle for thirty minutes. Good job Bobby!


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