Faithful Readers

DSCN3020My eldest sister informed me today that she went all the way back to January of 2009 to read through all of my blog posts.  Silly me.  Here I was thinking she was reading faithfully.  But what is faithfulness anyway?  Does a reader necessarily have to visit your blog everyday?  Must they feel trapped into thinking they are being disloyal should they go their way and not get around to you for a while?  Shouldn’t our readers be free to choose their appointment with our written words?  The answer should be yes.

Just because little sister has decided to share parts of her private life, art, thought patterns, stories or cuisine with the world, doesn’t mean my siblings or friends are to be chained to my web log site.  Or they feel they have to sheepishly look the other way when we ask how they liked the latest post.  They should be comfortable enough to say they have been dealing with their life and will get to the blog when next they have the time.  It doesn’t mean they don’t like what we offer, but it does tell us that just like the most glamorous movie or pop stars, there is a time and place for everything, even us.

Now I know for certain that she is a most faithful reader, even when she didn’t chose to visit, she might have wondered what I was busy doing. But when she did arrive it was with the intent to enjoy a private time with my written words.  The fact that she went all the way back to where she had left off reading made me feel rather good.

I have many faithful readers and I appreciate them all.  Please come and go as you will because what I share here is truly amongst friends I have opened the doors to welcome.

This is a watercolor seascape I am presently working on.  I call it “The Homecoming.”

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