Ambiance Matters

A Cozy Place, originally uploaded by norjam8.

There is a popular question folks ask in order to see others in a different light, or to gain a new and intimate perspective of those to whom the question is posed. What gets you in the mood? So … what does get you in the mood?

For me, there are a few factors in the answer I choose to share and they are: music, the weather, fragrance, solitude and my surroundings. These things truly imbibe what it takes to get me in the mood.

To further convey my view is this photograph, which has an attractiveness to immediately pull me toward its presence, thereby making me want to walk through its doors. I can feel before I enter what the foyer and lobby might look like. I can almost smell the warmth of the crackling wood burning in the fireplace and the sounds my boots make upon polished wooden floors.

Our immediate surroundings play a huge part for us being to be able to shut out the noisy mad world.  To cloak ourselves inwardly so we may release our hidden talents. They are precious and at times bit shy to come out upon demand.  Sometimes they need gentle coaxing.  My Mother used to wait until company had polished off a large supper before turning to me with her sweet expression of anticipation, to request softly that I regale everyone with a rendition of the latest song I had been rehearsing. It is fortuitous I adored her, that I would perform for her even on a full stomach.

If you have never tried to sing after a large meal I should say to give it a go, in order to best understand exactly what I mean. Afterward the friends would ask why I closed my eyes during the song. My reply was so I would be able to recall all of the lyrics, but in reality I was finding my soft cocoon of ambiance. That place in my mind I have created in order to pull out the talent, so to speak.

Later today, I will pick up my paints to continue work on my painting in progress. One of my favorite places in the home is the kitchen, because I am a cook and besides it’s usually the most favorite and cosy room in any home. At least I think it is. But it might be because I have not yet prepared my art studio. I really want to use the walk-in closet sans air vent (for comfort) in the loft. It would enable me to set everything out where my most curious kitties will not be allowed to tread. Much like my kitchen where I do not allow them entry.  But then where would I put the items we are storing there?  The words Yard Sale come to mind.

When I write up here in the loft, it affords me a large, light and airy place to hide myself away. There are skylights so I can watch the passing clouds, plus I do not feel closed in. Here I can hear myself think, for it is very important to engage ones mind to remove any blocks … the bane of all writers.

Bread or pies baking in the oven, the mixture of greens in a salad splashed with red tomatoes, ribbons of carrots and the cute little squares of croutons. Soft background music. The soft tinkling of the bell my cat is batting with his paw and the attitude of spiritual presence which is always about me is what gets me in the mood. What does it for you?


One thought on “Ambiance Matters

  1. my words come from inside me.. i do not know that they are influenced by time or place,, they are borne of feeling and emotion and when there is none there are no words..

    i am at a place of contentment,, and for me that is a barrier for writing,, as if i am not feeling anything neither happy or sad,, i have nothing to write about..

    i want it to come back,, but currently nothing in my life is worth writing about,, it makes for good facebook fodder but that is about it….

    this was beautifully written theresa.. you always have such a warm feeling in your writing.

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