Painting On My Mind

MagdaleneWithJarShe’s wearing a contemplative expression that reminds me of how I feel inside whenever I am making decisions about how I am going to place paint on a canvass.  The other evening I pulled out my watercolors and lightweight paper to just mess about.  In a matter of minutes I had laid down the backdrop of my next work.  Too bad I didn’t start it with oil on canvass.  Sometimes paint has a mind of its own and you have to go wherever it beckons.  I should have it completed in a few days and I will snap a photo to share.

2 responses to “Painting On My Mind

  1. Hello my dear and old friend!! It has been ages and there simply is no excuse for that.

    This is a lovely and beautiful piece of art!! it has such a romantic feel to it.

    I love it. I am so glad you fueled me so I was reminded to stop over.

    Oh you really should sign up at Entrecard too. I have gotten a ton of readers through there and they have some fantastic blogs too.

    I do so hope you are well and life has been treating you good!! Do drop by if you get a chance.


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