Frangipane Tartlets

Frangipane Tarts

On Saturday I ground up almonds to make almond flour and prepared frangipane. I sealed it in a storage container and placed it into the fridge.  Afterward, I prepared pate brissee with egg, which is a flaky crust.  It may be used for quiches, pies, and tarts. Yesterday afternoon I rolled out the dough after I let it warm up from being in the fridge.  I tried using the largest cutter I had but was reduced to a creative stance by using the bottom of my little juicer container. Upside down I was able to map out the proper size dough rounds to line the small pans.  It wasn’t perfect but when you are not in a professional kitchen it seldom is. Well … not for baking anyway.  When it comes to deserts I really need room for the ingredients, mixers, pans, tools, etc.  Baking takes so much effort as you have to measure everything with the exception of whole eggs.

I chilled the raw crusts and then added seedless raspberry jam.  Atop that I used two smallish scoops of raw frangipane and then baked @ 350º for 19 minutes.  I made certain the bottom was baked thoroughly and that the frangipane was bubbling prior to it’s setting.  Out of the oven and I allowed them to cool completely before tasting.  It is hard for me not to taste food hot from the oven as I have often done.  By allowing them to cool down, it helps the middle continue baking and when it is time to cut portions they slice neatly.

By the way, I prepared eight portions and wrapped six in cling wrap.  I will bake them off two at a time as they are quite filling and very rich.  The frangipane is fine in the refrigerator for about three days.  Always remember to smell ingredients prior to adding them to your recipe.  Always be safe and serve only the freshest food.

Heated in the microwave a dab of vanilla ice cream or nutmeg creme chantilly tops this sweet pastry and is wonderfully delicious.


3 thoughts on “Frangipane Tartlets

  1. wow … I NEVER have food that looks this good 😉

    Mostly junkie microwave stuff. Can you mail some to Hollydale please ???? (( big smile ))

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