Happy 12th Birthday Bobby!

DSCN1816It it hard to imagine that it has been twelve years since my sweet boy was born to his lovely Mother, the late and great Fiona.  Bobby made his entrance into the world between six and eleven PM July 6, 1997.  He was delivered at Belair Veterinary Hospital in Bowie, MD and we got to see him and his siblings two days later.  They were so incredibly tiny and I recall wondering just how all six of them fit inside Fiona.  Life is a wondrous thing.

We thought all of the kitties were adopted out and we were only to bring Fiona home as a rescue by early October 1997.  Low and behold two of her boys were sent back and I can easily understand the reason.  One of the technicians surprised her Mother with the boys the same day that she had adopted another cat through PetSmart Charities.  They had way too much energy and behaved like wild men freed from their cage at the veterinary hospital.  They climbed everything and the reason I know is that we brought them home so they could be with Fiona.

Well, she was not too happy to see them and we immediately took them upstairs, where they were introduced to the bathtub, water and soap.  They decided to climb us and by the end of it we all were soaked.  They were clean and we dried them with soft towels and a little of the hair dryer.  The sound disturbed them but it made the room warm and we allowed them to air dry the rest of the way.

Delivering them back to the cat condo which was filled with soft beds, new litter pan and toys, Fiona stalked about the cage and hissed at them for a few minutes.  I decided to make a blockade in the non-furnished living room, we had recently had new carpet installed, and they were too little to climb out.  We released them and Fiona at once smacked both of them upside their tiny heads.  Or, as Joe says their big heads.  He referred to them as big head boys because they were always getting into things.

The first night they fell asleep on our chests and a bit underneath our chins all curled up.  Bobby still tries to be held there, but now he is draped across my upper body and legs and tail hang off. Peter later went to live with a young boy and his dog and Bobby sleeps in-between Joe and me almost every night, covered up by a light quilt.  Whenever we peek at him he says,”Whannh ,” and he has the most adorable little expression.  This is how he was nicknamed Little Whannh.  He is equally Joe’s and my little boy and we love him dearly.  Happy Birthday Bobby, Peter and to their siblings who all were adopted into excellent homes.  And to our dear Fiona, I hope you can see we are taking very good care of your baby boy.



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3 responses to “Happy 12th Birthday Bobby!

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    Happy birthday sweet Bobby! I hope you have an extra-special day filled with hugs and kisses and treats and toys!

  • whypaisley

    how sweet theresa!!! and happy birthday to bobby as well…

  • delaney55

    Kitties are just wonderful especially when they have lots of personality. The extra bit of personality can usually drive you nuts but those that have unique ones are the kitties we remember the most.

    Marvin is the most personality packed kitty we have ever had and he can drive us up the wall but then he attacks us, loves on us and we are lost.

    What would we do without them?

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