Getting Ready To Move Forward

207111main_sts068-060-004_fullIsn’t it a relief to know that if one does not like the chain of events in ones life that all you have to do to change directions is to concentrate upon that which you truly want?  I have been practicing this very thing as of late and to my delight I have been shown that it really works.  Getting ready to move forward with ones life is challenging enough.  To know you can preordain the outcome is nice to think about.  Feel the freedom.


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2 responses to “Getting Ready To Move Forward

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    That’s how we are trying to think about my Daddie’s layoff. It’s like a new beginning, and we are free to go anywhere or do anything. We just hope it’s something good in store!

    ps: I wanted to let you know that Harley has become totally obsessed with the wand toys. Every evening he grabs both of them by the toys on the end and carries them upstairs with the plastic sticks rattling behind him. Usually he brings them into bed with him. In the morning he drags them both downstairs again. Usually he makes funny meows when he has them in his mouth. He’s such a silly!

  • Theresa111

    Tell your Daddie that everything will be just fine. He has to BELIEVE! You can all come to Maryland. We would be too happy! 😀

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