Enchanting Places

~ Bounty ~, originally uploaded by ~ paddypix ~.

Today I am celebrating PaddyPix from Liverpool, England. This is just the place I would love to visit and walk barefoot across the rocks. The colors are ones that make me respond to their luxuriousness and vibratory hues. They make my heart sing and my lips curve into a smile. We are so fortunate to have the ability to snap a photograph, upload it and have someone thousands of miles away share in the beauty.

How in the olden days did one ever convincingly convey their surroundings to another who would weeks or perhaps months later read the words written in conversational tones? For instance if the author of this photograph needed to tell me where they had been walking this morning would I have been able to see the landscape in my minds eye? Oh how lucky we are.

When I was a young girl I was always exploring the neighborhood and climbing trees to survey things from up high. I travelled all around by bicycle or waking. Much of the time I would be alone … unafraid. Mind you I was always watchful but it was a different time. Were I a child today a part of me would be untouched and dead because I would not be allowed to go off on my own to wander for hours. In those days you waved good-bye and returned before dinnertime hot, dusty and a bit dirty from the days excursions. We didn’t have to say where we were going most of the time because a bit later we would be off on another adventure. Those were the days.

Once when I lived in Miami, Florida there was a horse being kept behind a fence in an industrial type of area. The ride on my bike only took six or seven minutes and it was located just beyond the neighboring streets. I would ride over and the pony would meander over to me to place her nose against the chain link. Her warm breath blew across my small hands and she allowed me to coo and gently run my fingers across her muzzle. She had beautiful brown eyes with long black lashes. Her long blond tail flicked back and forth to keep flies from landing upon her. We visited a few times and the last time I saw her she actually nickered a sweet high pitched sound and then she ran toward me to share in our communion of friendship. No computer or game boy could ever compare to that.

I also used to end up near creeks and streams because I was lulled into a peaceful union with Mother Earth and the beautiful vibrations she gives to all who will listen. I do so appreciate beauty and feeling at one with life. Life should be a celebration.


2 thoughts on “Enchanting Places

  1. My Mommie totally remembers those fearless childhood days of running around all over the place, riding bikes, playing in the streets, and getting good and sweaty. We feel bad for the children of today who live in a different world now.

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