Courage Under Fire

352In November of 2000 We The American People had the presidential vote stolen, yet other than awaiting the long drawn out count and hanging chads, we did not revolt or charge the streets of our capitols.  Why didn’t we?  I’ll tell you, we were scared.  And for eight very long and financially declining years, that we wouldn’t understand until late last year, we were a country held hostage.  We experienced terrorism from our own highest government officials.  How scary is that!  When you are too frightened to stand up because you wouldn’t want to go missing in the night.

This month we see the same thing happening in Iran and the people there are more willing to stand up and tell whoever is wants to listen that their country’s votes are being stolen.  I believe them.  They are standing up and shouting and even protesting peacefully.  We should not turn our eyes away but continue to discuss this and gain others attention.  Whatever we as a cyber community can do we must try.  These people are being punished for no reason and being killed, maimed and imprisoned.

Let the world take notice and expound and lend their voices to free the Iranian people.  Let their true leader take his rightful office.  The people have spoken but their votes were stolen.  Stop oppressing the Iranian people.


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