“I’m In A New York State Of Mind”

One day soon I am going to win a huge Jackpot, Lotto, Sweepstakes, PCH … and I know you have played this game before of, “What would I do if I won?” I know precisely what I would do.

First I would pay any taxes and then I would tithe 20% of the gross amount. I would divvy up the 20% to help as many people, organizations and my church as possible. Afterward I would look into H2O stock so I would be able to have a vote to help those who need clean water, to be able to have access to it.

Following this I would devise a way to help the polar bears on their oceanic swims. I almost have this figured out, too.

Pay off all bills, help my family and deserving friends and put a nest egg aside for a rainy day.

I would then purchase the house I resided in on Nicholas Street and completely renovate it. It has the most amazing front porch view of Manhattan. Then I would travel all over the UK to pick out a place to call home.

Whenever I look at New York City or The Statue of Liberty, my heart actually aches to be there. I had an excellent childhood and I cherish my memories.


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