A Book Recommendation

Mary_Magdalene_and_SonI just finished a novel my sister insisted I check out from my local library.  The library is one of the largest state of the art facilities that I have ever seen.  After filling out my paperwork for my new card we discovered the first book, and then the newest book in the series written by, Kathleen McGowan.

The first of what I believe is to be a trilogy is titled, “The Expected One.” It is full of biblical history and many of the heroine’s own visions.  I found it hard to put down and literally zoomed through it.  Last night I began the second book which is titled, “The Book of Love.” It takes up with characters from the first book and reading them together makes it easier to keep the story fresh in my mind.  There seems to be a lot of worthwhile information and even I could feel that many of the points rang true deep within my own spirit.  There are words spoken which I have known since I was a young child.  A strong sense of knowing … even when the teachers never taught these truths.

I highly suggest giving this author and her books a read.  She kept me turning the pages and wanting more.  Kind of like excellent French Pastries … each bite keeps you wanting more.  Did I say that much of the story takes place in France?


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