Simple Beauty

2689025787_6040b8d93d_bWhen you cannot go home again because situations have changed and the future beckons you, there are always photographs you can go through to see the simple beauty of your life.  This flower is from my rose bush and it has seen twenty summers.  It would be lovely to imagine it sees twenty more.  

The day Joe planted it for me she was such a small rose bush.  Her buds held the promise of tomorrow and we nurtured her right along.  She blooms from May to December and produces wonderful long stemmed roses.  It used to bother me when it was time to prune her branches.  The advice given me by our friend Richard, was to pluck the waning flower directly underneath the pulp or body of the flower. If we were to cut it to place the flower into a vase, then we would cut it as long as possible. Lastly, to water her a lot because she will produce more, and in winter to cut her strong branches down to about a fifth of her size.

As you can tell growth was never a challenge to my rose bush.  She would have stretched up over the rooftop had I allowed it.  Looking at her one may easily see her personality and rare but simple beauty.  I wish to thank my rose bush for the years of perfection and grace which she bestowed upon our family.


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