Ignoring My Cravings

3078259254_ed8ba76e79_oWhenever I prolong the cravings within myself, push the ideas aside or deny my spiritual creative talents a small part of me dies away.  There is an internal floodgate holding these artistic traits in abeyance.  Purportedly I must be saving them up for another time, but nonetheless I feel the denial in my bloodstream and the bars of my self-imposed impervious cell.

I feel like throwing paint … everywhere.  The times I understand the check I keep on my artists heart, I travel through remorse for what I deny the universe. Why I do this is reasoned out by my convincing my mind that to temper the amount of my revealed self is a pure desire to not over-do-it.

This Artwork is entitled “BaaBoo.”  It was a nickname given me by the man I dated before I met my husband.  You know some people get under your skin and they leave fond memories.  He was such a friend and talented clothing designer.  His mother called me Nuisance and to an impressionable young woman, it wasn’t an endearing name, although she claimed it was.  People have a way of remaining with you for a time, while others are always right there in the cavities of your mind.  Easy to call-to-mind and available whenever you miss their presence.  Why do some people travel through your life while others stay in the forefront?

Today must be one of those deep days and I shall allow myself the personal time to walk the deep waters barefoot.  Perhaps my stay here will be shorter than normal.

Original Theresa’s Mouse Art, BaaBoo, Circa 2000 Copywrite


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