Sunday French Toast and Memorial Day

Yesterday was Sunday and I prepared a recipe of French Toast.  Since it had been a while from the last time I made it, I was winging the ingredients and embellished a bit in order to embrace the bouquet of the egg mixture.  I believe initially that I added too much milk and heavy cream (half and half) and not as many eggs.  There was just my husband and I to share this meal and I didn’t want to use twelve eggs.  

Unfortunately I must have had brain freeze … most likely from all of the times I prepared bread pudding at the hotel, and after slicing day old freshly baked bread, I erred three ways.  I soaked the bread in order to let it absorb the liquid; this is normal for bread pudding because you are going to bake it in a bain marie, or a water bath.  Next because the milk and cream was not balanced with the egg content, it didn’t have enough hold to the bread.  Finally, I did not use a non-stick pan.

Directly after the first two slices, I adjusted the recipe to include more eggs, more liquor and a quick dunking and turning of the bread.  Voila`!  Magic.  

Now this morning, I awakened myself with an invention, if you will, of a new recipe.  I jotted it down on a page of newspaper, tore it off and thought I should enter it into a contest.  Wouldn’t you know that the page I had torn off was the reverse side of some Memorial Day photographs honoring our fallen troops!  I respectfully returned the slip of newspaper to my husband, who grabbed the tape and connected the torn bit to the larger portion.  Had I known, I should never have used that for my idea.  Next time I will be sure to check both sides of the page before I haphazardly tear the paper.

Today is a day to give thanks for all of our citizens, who over the centuries have died in the line of duty and have fought bravely for our nation.  I asked my husband if he always saved the pictures of these individuals and he replied that he did as long as they printed them.  He said he wanted to remember all of the people Bush put into harms way.

Three of our nephews, sons of his elder sister and brother-in-law, served in the war. Two of them were sent back for more duty and one of them was there three tours.  We want to especially remember the brave men and women who dedicate their lives for our safety.

In ending todays diatribe, back to my new concoction, I wish I could divulge my new secret recipe because not only is it delicious, it is fresh in it’s conception and mouthwateringly delightful.  I am very pleased with my idea and as soon as I make certain of it’s originality, I will enter it into the G.M. Contest. I wish you could taste it!


2 thoughts on “Sunday French Toast and Memorial Day

  1. I think it’s very wonderful that he saves the photos from the paper. It is important that we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

    Last week, I got to send a birthday card to a soldier in a rehab hospital who had hardly any friends. It made me feel good to be able to help, even if in only a very small way.

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