Crossing The Line

It’s the medias fault along with the directors, producers, writers and yes, their audience.  We are most of us to blame.  The reason I put emphasis on this is that without someone to watch the television programs, news, movies, without someone to pickup books, tabloids or magazines to read, there would be no need to cross the line.  No market … no call to “Go There.”  Who decided where “There” really is?  It is time that artistic censorship become responsible.  They must desist in desensitizing the public.  Much more and we could cross the line whereby nothing is over the line and then it turns into a free-for-all! 

I am certain that we were all accustomed to having the line pointed out to us by our parents, other relatives, the neighbors, our teachers, lawmakers and an innate sense of what is right or wrong. You know, that inner voice who sometimes heckled us into crossing the line or saved us before we stepped into chaos or tragedy.  Where did the ordinance go?  When did it become Okay to break the rules, step over the line of decency and ignore the right thing to do?  Why do we feel entitled to break the rules?  Why do we feel some people should be made examples of when they cross the line. Who decides which lines may be crossed and which may not?  There are varying degrees of thought and debate which score results based upon theorem and personal beliefs.  Where does it begin and where will it end?

Without sounding like the FCC or someone protesting in a picket line, this muse is to ask you to think about the entertainment we are digesting and the lies the big companies feed us in their commercials.  It saddens me deeply to believe that we are on such a downward spiral toward ugly.  When did goodness, wholesomeness and beauty take the backseat?  Why are most of us agreeable to be led away from our better judgement?  Do we follow the rules or do we break them?  Who’s to set good examples anymore?  How will the younger generation turn out if we do nothing now to instill in them a better future and one without so much violence?  One without the meanness. 

We could decide to filter out a percentage of the horrible and ugly things each day, at least until it became more reasonable to expect our world and entertainment world to become a more beautiful place.  I do not find the constant bombardment of ripping someone’s life apart, while others stand laughing on the sidelines to be uplifting or kind.  There is no value in this and is it Okay as long as it isn’t being done to you?  Listen.  Kindness is not a weakness … nor is it boring.  

Think about it.  The very next 10 times you decide to cross the line, I want you to become very aware of your actions.  Were we to band together and choose the better and kinder side of the coin, our world would improve dramatically and we might all feel better … about our actions anyway.


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