Musical Inclinations

big-bassEach time I have to run the vacuum cleaner this big boy has to be moved about.  It is over six feet tall and compared to my, when I stretch, five foot four, it’s a real hand(s) full.  It really does take two to move aside.  Afterward I get to move it back into place.  This isn’t the final spot for this instrument leaned up against the television cabinet.  Eventually, it will end up in the studio or upstairs in the loft.

Being musically inclined, I have attempted a few strokes of the big bow against the strings.  Screetch and ouch are apt descriptives to my bass playing.  I’ll gladly stick to my microphones, tambourine and cowbells.

There is one nice thing about having it in the living room though.  Sometimes I can get my husband to take it up and make real music sound from within it’s wooden body.  As he plucks the strings or strokes the bow across the fat strings I sit and am always amazed by the excitement I feel because the whole instrument thing eludes me.  Why is it one person can play an instrument while another cannot?

For years now I have played the same few combinations of piano notes and fooled around on the baby grand, but I am a fraud of a musician.  I mean … who can’t play chopsticks I ask you?  Watching musicians play their instruments of choice is satisfying to hear and watch but frustrating to someone who would dearly love to be the next musical prodigy.

I can play my microphone and small percussion instruments very well but the ones I really want to play remain a mystery.  Even Nora The Piano Playing Cat plays more proficiently than I.  Plus she is so darn cute.  My late kitty, Fiona looked very much like Nora and her fur was incrediblly soft.  Finoa never attempted to play the piano however, being Bobby’s Mother was a full time job and she didn’t have time for such frivolities.

Music is in the sky, the earth, the insects, the air, the plants, animals and people.  Where would we be without the wonderful sounds, the melodies and the harmonies?  Where would we be without our musical inclinations?  For those who do not play or perform there are the CD’s of those that do and most people have their own array of musical stash.  Many of the songs from our youth stay with us through adulthood and whenever we hear these songs they have the magic to transport us to another place and time.

Once the rosin is rubbed across the bowstrings and the cleft work is done, I am going to ask my husband to teach me to play one short song, just so I can feel that rare feeling of accomplishment of mastering something out of my comfort zone.


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