Toasting The Domestic Minx

dscn28241                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Two years ago I began writing my web log in order to release pent up emotions over the loss of my late Mother, the stress of graduating from a prestigious French culinary school, working slavish hours in a gigantic, major hotel pastry kitchen and battling newly introduced, into my life, high blood pressure.  To say the least, I found I was suffering from total exhaustion.

I sang professionally for many years, worked traditional jobs and later, painted for over ten years.  I write because it is the crux of my existence, yet I have found it is also the bane for which I am eternally grateful.  You see, there are millions of folk who would dearly love to express their innermost feelings on paper but alas … they are either too inhibited, shy, private, unsure or believe they possess the inability to capture the essence of themselves properly and therefore never attempt to forge the ink and paper testing ground.  The verbal sounding board.

After I wrote, poured out my heart, and therapeutically released many inner voices, I was glad to have happened upon a writer who immediately hooked me, line and sinker. Just about two years ago, while visiting my friend Thomas at his mystery web log, Harry McFry Investigates, I curiously noticed a link to one of his favorite sites.  You see, the beauty of ones friends is that many of them have a blog roll where they list their favorite blog writers.  It was thusly that I was introduced to The Domestic Minx … a delectable writer, mother, wife and infectious delight of womanhood.  She would write her words, tell her stories and completely enrapture her readers.  We loved to read her and visited her web log almost daily.  She became a special place to visit and we all cherished her wit, vitality, beauty and expression.  She held us captive and laughed while she did so.

There are her photographs on and the fact that she was willing to be up front and quite candid made her all the more delicious.  I highly recommend you read her stories and go back over the entire history of her works.  There is a slim possibility she is no longer here on Earth with us, but I do pray that isn’t so.  We became fast confidants and enjoyed a sweet friendship.  That it has been over seventeen months since her last email to me, I drink to her because I treasured our cyberspace connection and her varied mixture of readers also miss her terribly.

To all things deliciously decadent, foxy, feminine, luscious, beautiful and sexy, I raise my glass to you, The Domestic Minx.


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3 responses to “Toasting The Domestic Minx

  • whypaisley

    here!! here!! i miss her too… oh how i wish she would drop someone a line…….

  • Theresa111

    I am going to ask Uncle Norman to do an Australian look see because I ache to know she is all right.

  • blasphemousandoffensive


    I just stumbled across this.

    I miss Claire so much too. I just loved her – she was like my Aussie mom and big sister combined.

    I still google search her all the time.

    Good to see you’re still around, lovely Paisley ….

    B. Kitty

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