The Right To Know

Is is just me or do you feel the same that we have become such an entitled nation of people?  With everything that has recently come to light, you would think it is a good thing that we have been more demanding to know the facts of situations. But … when is the right to know infringing upon the civil rights of individuals?  Whatever happened to privacy?  Or, was that just a word used in order to hoodwink us into false security?  Why is it we have to shred our mail, hide our identity and look over our shoulder whenever we leave our barricaded homes? What the hell happened to us?

Everyday I get phone calls soliciting me for one thing or another.  When I take the time to stay on the line and politely request my phone number be placed on their do not call list, I find the person on the other end of the phone has hung up!  What happened to good customer service?  I ordered some fried chicken a few weeks ago at a Roy Rogers fast food chain.  In the past, I have received freshly prepared food which stood up to the high standards Mr. Rogers put into place.  However, this particular time the chicken was cooked hours ahead and had not only been overcooked but had sat under the heat lamps, only to be thrown back into hot oil to make it appear newly cooked.  I took it back and the manager offered me more of the same stock.  I patiently explained that I wanted fresh, juicy chicken.  He somewhat apologetically informed me that that was how all of the chicken was cooked and replaced the returned piece with another one just like it.  Whatever happened to the customer is always right?

I feel sorry for celebrities who cannot leave their house without a barrage of cameras flashing their every move.  They are hounded and hardly ever left in peace, which is their right under civil law. It has become an ongoing war of … the right to KNOW vs. the right to “NO!”


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