Seascape Original Art Oil On Canvas


Recently, I have figured out that being creative sometimes translates into the original appeal of that particular moment in ones life. Take this painting for example. Even though I painted, it I still love to look at it, admire it. My nephew, Eric wants me to paint him a big one in this theme.

I must confess that I have gone over it in my mind many times but for the life of me I do not recall exactly how it produced this artwork. Therefore this is a true reflection of being in the moment. An original never to be reproduced moment. I remember watching an art instructional show just prior to taking out my paints and expressing myself.

My point is this. Each moment is a new one and we never realize how very important these moments can be. Like the way young lovers feel during intimate moments. Times when the world shakes and everything momentarily melts away.

The moment of creation is very important and we are granted these times all through our time here on Planet Earth. Mother Nature offers her glorious and ever changing self to us and no two moments are ever the same.


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