Ruffled Feathers

581680586_fbbe86b1b8_oThis is exactly the way I feel inside sometimes when I have had my feathers ruffled.  Notice the unapproachable look, almost a daring come on and the very sharp beak.  There is also the affronted admonishment, which can be further described as, “Don’t even try to smooth or soothe me.”  

I can almost feel the warmth being exhaled from the impressively flared nostrils.  There is a sort of hurt glimmering across the set features and the eyes see right down into your soul.

What a fantastic pose this elegant fowl has struck.  A bit of sorrow shadows the eye but the nobility in the posture is unmistakable.  I imagine the talons this bird possesses are long and sharp, and the wingspan must compete with that of an eagle.

This is an incomparable, a non-plus, an elegant bird of prey.  I am drawn to him or her because of the beauty, dignity and for all intents and purposes, the familiar expression captured by the lens.


4 thoughts on “Ruffled Feathers

  1. Hi Theresa, Just noticed that you already saw the peacocks on my blog.
    I guess I should check my comments more often!

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