Disturbing News

Sunday’s biggest story on the front page of The Washington Post was horrific!  Having recently lost some relatives I found myself wondering just how they had been cared for in this last rite of passage.  I can be happy that my Mother was in the upper county of Frederick Maryland when she passed away and that the names of funeral homes listed in todays paper did not include the ones where other loved ones had been taken.

It is disturbing enough to me that one has to undergo embalming and autopsy exploration, amid other unknown rituals after the last breath is drawn.  I for one keep begging my husband to not let them embalm me or dice me up.  I have read too many Kay Scarpetta novels written by best selling author, Patricia Cornwell not to understand the various ways the dead body can be mistreated or taken apart.  I want to have none of it.  Nothing.  There is nothing dignified in the processing of a corpse, no matter how you dress them up.  

My Native American ancestors had it right.  Build a pyre, place the revered or loved one on top and burn the remains. Clean, fast, respectful.   I figured that or the Vikings way … on a small sea craft, whereas a bowman projects fire on the end of his arrow to ignite the tiny craft.  At least everyone knows the end ritual was as it should be.

When I was in the first grade I thought it would be lovely to ascend into Heaven just as Jesus did.  In fact I visualized me being floated upward on the clouds, with my angels flying along beside me, while strumming their harps and cooing soft happy words.  No one wants to believe they are going to be here one minute and poof * gone the next.  I just pray that my remains will remain … well … intact.  That I will be respected and allowed my Vikings Last Request.

For those of you who have by now read the terrible story on todays front page, I too share the revulsion of these dastardly deeds.  According to The Golden Rule, the people who did this must want the same thing to happen to them or their loved ones?  No matter, The Creator knows who, what, when and where.  He might not understand the Why of it, but we can rest assured He will deal their final requests in His own way.


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