I Have To Admit

2500870399_8af207e2cf_oThat I have been involved with ever changing elements in lifestyle and dealing with daily challenges.  These matters have been very distracting to my creative flow and even thought I know that “This too shall pass,” it is constantly revolving round my head.  I have been dreaming about these matters also and I wake up exhausted.

I am hopeful that Divine Order, Divine Substance and Divine Intelligence is constantly surrounding me for I Am walking in faith and looking up for my good.

During this interlude, my brain has been furiously writing even though my hands are performing other duties.  Soon dear readers, I shall be back in the writers seat and promise to regale you with a constant and abundant flow of words and stories.  Until then, I send you all good fortune and my blessings.


One thought on “I Have To Admit

  1. I came to your site today by way of SlogBite’s new game. If you haven’t tried it you really should give it whirl. http://www.slogbite.com/particpant-features/slog-machine

    Now that I am here, I think that you need to update your widget. Both the logo is not showing up and the content is stale. Unfortunately, wordpress.com does not support javascript so the widget is not dynamic. If you like, just let me know what color logo you want I will email you the code.

    Also, I am trying to make the SlogBite categories as granular as possible. So, under the “Writing” category, I can and would like to , create more definitive sub categories. Let me know exactly what you need and would join and I will create them.


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