Newspapers And Puzzles

I heard on The Bill Maher Show that the decline in readership of the hard copy newspapers is a direct indicator that many of the newspapers now in print are on the verge of extinction.  I found that sad and so I subscribed to The Washington Post, with the hope that I can help save this national institution.  

I get excited to open the door to find my very own rolled-up, inserted into a caramel colored plastic bag, newspaper.  Now the part I enjoy the most is when I remove it from the bag (which I will reuse later) and open it to see the headlines.  Lately they have been better as far as to the current leader of our country, but the downturn is the economic whirlwind.  I quickly bypass this section by laying it out for my husband to read, then I hurriedly find my section.  Style.

The newspaper has a clean smell and the ink bears an almost impenetrable yet faint odor from the factory. Fresh off the press.  Yes!  I thumb through the pages until I locate the comic.  I read Mutts first and then I carefully fold the paper so I may pit my mental skills against those of the creator of the Sudoku puzzle.  I love this game.

My sister has always liked the crosswords, but I am a lover of numbers and logical placement.  I also like the ones where you locate the words.  It’s called Word Search.  Other than that I like the Food Section and the Home Section, too.  On Fridays there is The Weekender.  On Sundays the paper gives you more comics, insert magazines, Real Estate and Jobs, which is tinier than ever.

If the cyber space crashed and all of the newspapers were gone we would certainly be in a pickle.  Save your local newspapers and their editors, publishers, and staff writers.  Not to mention the people who make the printing press work and those who deliver these great items right to our door.

There is nothing else like the crisp sound of the paper being folded and read.


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