Good-bye Spencer

img_0325We are saddened by the loss of our dear friend Spencer.  What a wonderful golden dog he was and he was loved by his Human Dad and Mom so much.  He changed their lives and made a home with them for over two years.  

Please visit his web-site and go back over the years to read his story and see for yourself just how special Spencer is.  

Bobby and I always think of him as our Dancing Dog!  Good-bye for the time being Spencer. Until we meet again.


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4 responses to “Good-bye Spencer

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    Spencer was clearly a very special and wonderful spirit. I am saddened to learn that he is no longer a bright light in our world. But I am certain that he is shining even more brightly at the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Svasti

    Oh! That’s so very sad. Spencer’s photo is beautiful. I hope he’s resting peacefully now, and watching over his ‘people’ with love…

  • lozster

    The gift of a dog as part of the family is a wonderful one because the love they give is unconditional. Take care.

  • Rocque

    I still miss my long departed dogs, and especially Rocky. He was total love. I mean most dogs are love, but some are just more love. I would write for hours about him. They share a short time with us, and then they go on. I believe they go to a place with no fleas, ticks, and all fun and doing the dog stuff that they like to do. I dreamed of such a place.
    Rocky loved children and I saw him surrounded by little children who were just happy to be with him and he was happy to be with them, too. It was a great dream.
    I think Rocky will enjoy hanging out with Spencer, too.
    I am sorry for your loss of your loving pet and family member.

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