Raindrops And Tree Forts

Amazing when ones thinks about it.  Raindrops herald the life giving liquid the entire world needs in order to exist.  Right now the raindrops sound a little bit sporadic and huge whilst they splatter against the skylights.  At first, I thought one of the cats was scratching on the carpeted stairs until I realized the sound was echoing all around me. It reminds me of being in a tree fort on a summer’s day and the rain beginning to drop upon the wooden rooftop.

I used to smoke cigarettes and frankly I began smoking at the tender age of eleven. This after I had experimented with the lighting of tobacco a bit during the previous two years.  By the time I was eleven I was a true, full-blown smoker.  Later in life it would take me eight times to finally break this horrid habit and end up with the effects of asthma.  If only I never smoked has entered my mind many times.  But getting back to the rain on the tree fort, I recall reaching into my Wrangler peddle-pusher-pants to draw out the partially crushed cigarette package.  I tried many of the blended tobaccos until finally, I settled on mentholated ones called KOOL.  

Striking the match I watched as the red flint burst into red, yellow-orangish fireworks at the end of the cardboard matchstick.  Once lit the flame would settle into a clear, blue and red flame.  if you exhaled too much breath it would extinguish the whole deal and you would have to begin again.  Touching the lit match to the end of the cold cylinder of paper bound tobacco, I would get excited knowing I would draw this tube’s air inward in order to begin puffing on the smoke.  Inhaling the smoke from the tobacco was satisfying and sometimes when I had smoked one, I would remove a fresh cigarette and light it from the burning tip of the first. I was completely hooked and to this day, I remain addicted to the nicotine.  What a shame!

I loved smoking and being hidden from the world in the tree fort.  If it rained, then so much the better as I felt withdrawn and secluded.  Private if you will.  My rising sign is Scorpio and my Venus is in the sign of Cancer. The scorpion and the crab.  No wonder I loved being able to burrow in and gaze out at the world.

The rain has stopped and even though I am tucked away in the loft I feel as if it is a tree fort, but this time it is smoke free.


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6 responses to “Raindrops And Tree Forts

  • Jaffer

    I don’t smoke cigarettes but I have to admit I sneak a puff from a Hookah occasionally. Even then I cannot inhale it completely !

    Your description of the sound of raindrops is beautiful. It’s raining here today, unfortunately the sounds of raindrops are muffled by the sound of cars splashing by !

  • Theresa111

    Why thank you Jaffer. It is lovely to hear their sound without the noise of traffic.

  • delaney55

    When I was a child we had a tin awning over a concrete slab that served as our porch. I used to love to lie wrapped up in a blanket on the chaise lounge and just listen to the pitter-patter of the rain drops on that awning and watch the rain come down. It was peaceful even during a hard rain.

    By the way, you change your blog template more often than any other blog I have ever visited. I always have to look twice to make sure I’m on the right one. 🙂

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    I am very glad that you do not smoke any more. Because I want you to stay healthy forever!

    Do you ever watch those shows like Hell’s Kitchen or Top Chef? I am always surprised when I see so many of the chefs smoking, because it seems like it would make it harder to taste subtleties in the foods.

  • Theresa111

    Yes, I change it because I become bored with the sameness. That WordPress has afforded me the luxury of changing up, and as often as I like, has made me a happy camper. I would prefer more templates to choose from. I have always felt that variety is the spice of life.

    Daisy, I forgot to watch Hell’s Kitchen last night and I pray I actually set up the DVR to record it. If I didn’t, hopefully I will be able to view it on line. About that taste bud question; taste buds are either spot on or spot off. I happen to possess a wonderfully keen sense of smell and taste. Smoking decreases this heightened awareness … so … you are correct in thinking that this partially inhibits them from being more accurate.

  • rosehavencottage

    I have always loved that sound of raining falling too. I love sitting on a porch with the rain coming down, but I have to admit that my favorite is up in a tree fort. Fortunately, our master bedroom suite feels a lot a tree fort and on rainy days it feels like being a kid againg.


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