Facing The Mountain

Presently I am sitting at my dining room table and drinking my coffee.  This is a good place to reflect upon matters.  Looking out the balcony door I am allowed to view a majestic but small mountain.  I recall when I was in ninth grade we moved to Virginia and I could see the tops of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the distance.  It feels reassuring to have these gentle giants nearby.


4 thoughts on “Facing The Mountain

  1. I would love to look out any window and see a mountain, a forest anything other than the bland flat nothingness of Kansas. I miss California.

  2. Are you in Kansas? i would be scared to live there, what with all of the storms. You must be very brave!!! When I visited Hollister, CA in 1994 & 1995, my middle sister lived there, we drove down from San Jose through the mountains of Salinas. It was impressive. Every afternoon at 2:30 PM, there would be an afternoon breeze, without fail. When we went to walk through the Redwood Forest, I hugged the trees, thirty minutes later we were walking upon the beach at Santa Cruz. California is very versatile. Sorry you are homesick.

  3. Yes, unfortunately I have been in Kansas since marrying my Hubby. I miss the ocean and the trees and the mountains. Hubby grew up back here so we moved. I’m always homesick for California. Kansas sucks after 30+ years of being here.

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